April 2020 : The new Will Hawthorne single WISHFUL THINKER is available (stream/download) from Amazon, iTunes, Spotify. All artist profits to be donated to the PITUITARY FOUNDATION for the rest of 2020 to aid this charity's response to the COVID 19 emergency.

Wishful Thinker : Middle8 records 2020

Here is a MUSIC BASED CROSSWORD! that you can do to aid the charity Music in Hospitals and Care who (like the Pituitary Foundation above) are struggling to keep going at this time. You'll find out how you can help when you go to this page - which will be here on the WH site for as long as the emergency continues.

February 2020 : The new Will Hawthorne album of the Rock Opera POOLE INCARNATE is available (stream/download) from Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and as a CD from CDbaby

Poole Incarnate : Middle8 records 2020

Including dates and ticket details to POOLE INCARNATE live at Buxton Fringe 2020

The 9 FIRST ALBUMS are temporarily unavailable :

Hey Freud! CD; 1994 Roman Roads CD; 1996 The North South Divide CD; 1998
Artistic Licence Detector Van; 2000 Are you being reserved?; 2002 acoustic album You've Got to Hear this, Baby CD;  - September 2005
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How do you know you're not dreaming? : October 2009 Nine actual moments :  April 8, 2012 Music and Love, Artist and Repertoire : October 2015