Will Hawthorne was born in Marple Bridge, near Stockport in Greater Manchester in 1965 - the same day The Rolling Stones released "Get off of my Cloud".

He is a singer and songwriter with a number of self-produced/financed/released CDs of original material.

He performs covers concerts in hospitals, care homes and hospices on behalf of the Music-in-Hospitals Trust. He also appears in pubs, bars and clubs and is bookable for private parties, weddings etc. to play covers, originals or a mixture of both.

In 2001 Will contributed an original score to the audio play (starring Paul McGann) Dr. Who : Minuet in Hell for Big Finish Productions (under "real" name William Allen ; Hawthorne is originally Will's given middle name). There is also a music only version CD of this score On the Links page you will find directions to these CDs).

In March 2011 the song My Friend's Shoes from the How do you know you're not dreaming CD was assigned to the independent publisher Cindy Sue Music in the USA. This is a very special song about the loss of a very, very good friend - Stephen Waring back in the summer of 2008.

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