Spot the difference Original (cassette EP) release 1998
First CD (EP) 6/03/06
Special Edition CD 8/10/2017
All songs by Will Hawthorne. Sunbeam Music.
Thanks to Roy Powell(keyboards) and Eryl Roberts (drums) : Until you get there
Thanks to Matt Ingram (drums) : Spread Out
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The North South Divide CD; 1998

The North South Divide started life as a cassette EP in 1998.

It consisted of five tracks ; Love Rules and Designer Trouble were brand new, Until You Get There was an out-take from Hey Freud! whilst The Process and Bones were previously issued songs (from Hey Freud! and Roman Roads respectively) included to promote the first 2 albums.

This release was made available on CD in 2006, with a 2003 reworking of Bones in place of the Roman Roads version. You can now listen to the 2003 take here on the North South Divide page!

Now in 2017 the North South Divide has been extended to a Special Edition Album which features nine tracks. The three original numbers have been joined by six songs/tracks of similar vintage. Four tracks (In Our Heads, Write a Book, Tots and Do I Remember?) were sketches that have been completed and recorded anew in 2017. Two (Comeback and Spread Out) were written and recorded in the mid to late 90s.

Copies of the new album version sold at the Green Man Gallery benefit of 8/10/17 and throughout October and November have all funds received being donated to Team Elsie (go to the live page 8/10/17 for details and link).

Team Elsie Fundraiser 8/10/17